About us

Hangzhou PLG new energy automobile co., ltd is located in the beautiful scenery of Hangzhou which has a reputation as a paradise on earth, adjacent to Hangzhou Xixi Wetland National Park, excellent office and living environment. Companyadheres to the "talent first and innovation" business philosophy, since inception, it attaches great importance to attracting talents, through multiple channels, ways to actively recruit talent. Hangzhou PLG new energy automobile co., ltd’s management team consists of business, marketing, human resources and other professional and experienced professional managers, with strong pioneering spirit and good management skills. Technology Center, led by thenational technical experts from well-known automotive group, technical development team structure is professional and reasonable, extensivetheoretical knowledge, practical experience, innovation and a strong sense of responsibility.

Hangzhou PLG new energy automobile co., ltd is one of Holley Group’s high-techcompanies professionally involved in new energy vehicle technology and core components of research & development, manufacturing and marketing. Over the years, the company relies on Holley‘s research and profound understanding of the smart grid, first proposed "smart grid, smart car" systematic development of new energy vehicle technology. After years of painstaking research and development, the company has a complete grasp of core technology about pure electric vehicles and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles. The company researched and developed PLG pure electric city bus power system, PLG micro-turbine power systems, won the praise of industry peers. The company independently researchedand developed new energy vehicles plug-in hybrid system based on micro-turbine power generation system successfully, filled the gaps in the field, which is the only company to master this technology in China.